Happy Fourth of July

Friday, 04 July 2014



Independance Day is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independance on July 4th in 1776. This holiday in the United States is commonly associated with fireworks, family barbecues, parades and fireworks.

On behalf of our Starline Overseas team we would like to wish our friends and partners south of the border a Happy Fourth of July!

Canada’s Top 5 Places to Live

Monday, 16 June 2014

Canada is a beautiful country to relocate to because of the vast amount of resources available to many of its citizens. Each year, the team at MoneySense publishes their annual Best Place to Live Ranking. In 2014, there seems to be a trend with 3 out of the top 5 cities being in the West. Many believe the reason why so many individuals are choosing to move to the other side of the country is because of the abundance amount of opportunities currently available including high paying employment offers, a growing cultural scene and the breathtaking scenery all around.

If you or someone you know is considering moving to Canada then why not connect with us? We would be happy to assist in answering any overseas relocation questions or concerns you may currently have. We have the right expertise and global partners to get your valuable goods to your new home in Canada in one smooth transition.

The Top 5 Cities to Live in Canada for 2014 are as follows according to MoneySense:

1. St.Albert, Alberta

Population: 64,377

Unemployment Rate: 4.3%

Average Household Income: $128,270.17

Average House Prices: $373,426.00

2. Calgary, Alberta

Population: 1,306,471

Unemployment Rate: 5.9%

Average Household Income: $119,771.69

Average House Prices: $435,825.00

3. Strathcona, Alberta

Population: 98,232

Unemployment Rate: 4.2%

Average Household Income: $137,509.40

Average House Prices: $408,331.00

4. Ottawa, Ontario

Population: 953,589

Unemployment Rate: 7%

Average Household Income: $103,186.09

Average House Prices: $398,845.00

5. Burlington, Ontario

Population: 187,497

Unemployment Rate: 5.8%

Average Household Income: $110,113.81

Average House Prices: $496,412.00

For more information or the full survey details from MoneySense click on the following link here.



5 Things to Consider Before your International Move Date

Thursday, 15 May 2014

You’ve completed your due diligence as a proactive customer and called around to various international moving companies for estimates for your upcoming overseas move. All the items you do not want to pack away and take with you have been donated. You have made up your mind on the moving company you want to utilize and have made the initial deposit to save your move date. Simply, you feel like you’re all ready for your movers to show up.

Now what? Here are some extra reminders to consider that we all sometimes forget about that will assist in preparing you for your move date.

  • Pack away all jewelry and private financial documents. At Starline Overseas Moving we highly recommend you take items of high importance or value such as personal documents with you and relocate them on your own. Before the movers show up pack away these valuables and label them clearly with notes such as “Do Not Pack or Move”. This way the movers will clearly understand that these items are to be left alone for the customer to personally manage.
  • Thaw out any major appliances. If you are planning to take any major appliances overseas, we recommend you thaw and clean out your appliances a minimum of 48 hours ahead of the movers showing up. All appliances should be moved empty to ensure no mildew or mold occurs during the relocation overseas.
  • Moving out of an apartment building sometimes requires additional steps. Most apartment buildings recommend that you reserve ahead of time the building elevator to ensure your move in or out runs smoothly. We recommend letting your landlord or apartment building manager know as soon as possible.
  • Ensure all driveways are clear. To make a move go as smooth as possible, ensure all items such as cars, leaves, snow or children’s toys are removed from the walkways and driveways before the moving truck arrives. This extra step protects the safety of your belongings and our crew members.
  • Don’t forget about the utility companies. Most utility companies need a minimum of 30 days notice before moving or cancelling your services. Ensure you give them proper notice before moving to ensure you do not end up paying any additional costs.


Mortgage Insurance Premiums on the Rise in the Canadian Housing Market

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

This past February the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC) announced that changes are coming into effect this spring. This week, as of May 1st, 2014 mortgage insurance premiums are increasing for Canadian real estate purchases that have less than 20% down payments.

Steven Mennill, CMHC’s Vice President stated the increase is to reflect higher capital targets. The increase in premiums will also reduce Canadian taxpayer exposure to the housing market.

So what does this mean for individuals who are planning to purchase a property in Canada and move? The increase will see premiums go up by an average of 15% when the changes come into effect. Therefore, if you are purchasing a home with a mortgage of $450,000 with only a 5% down payment the insurance premium would be an extra $1,800 after May 1st.

Effective May 1st, CMHC Purchase (owner occupied 1 – 4 unit) mortgage insurance premiums will increase by approximately 15%, on average, for all loan-to-value ranges. (The following chart is available by clicking here)

Loan-to-Value Ratio Standard Premium (Current) Standard Premium (Effective May 1st, 2014)
Up to and including 65% 0.50% 0.60%
Up to and including 75% 0.65% 0.75%
Up to and including 80% 1.00% 1.25%
Up to and including 85% 1.75% 1.80%
Up to and including 90% 2.00% 2.40%
Up to and including 95% 2.75% 3.15%
90.01% to 95% – Non-Traditional Down Payment 2.90% 3.35%

Canadian mortgage insurance provides insurance coverage to mortgage lenders in the event of a default by the property owner who does not have a down payment of 20%. To learn more about the changes visit CMHC’s website by clicking here.


Top 5 Countries Albertans Plan to Move

Wednesday, 02 April 2014


Starline Overseas Moving  listed their top destination countries for Albertans emigrating from Canada. In 2013, as can be expected, English speaking  Commonweatlth countries topped the list, with the USA and the Australia being the first choice with close to 1,100 families planning a move. The United Kingdom ranked third with 284 moves and surprisingly, Saudi Arabia with 109 families.  Germany ranked fifth with 83 move enquiries.







United Kingdom


Saudi Arabia








New Zealand


United Arab Emirates






Source:  Starline Overseas Moving

For further information please contact Don Kachur directly at 780-451-0123

Starline Overseas Moving Sponsors the HRIA Rising Star Award

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Starline Overseas Moving, a subsidiary of the Highstar Relocation Group is proud to be the official sponsor of the Rising Star Award at the upcoming 2014 HRIA Conference in Calgary, Alberta next month.

This award is granted to an HRIA member who is in their first five years of their career who demonstrates great promise as a future leader in the Alberta human resources community. This individual not only makes a measurable contribution in their company but also has the dedication to be enthusiastic in their workplace. We are proud to assist the HRIA in recognizing outstanding contributors made by Human Resources Professionals across Alberta.

We look forward to presenting the Rising Star Award on the second day of the 2014 HRIA Conference during the celebrating excellence awards lunch. On behalf of our staff, congratulations to all the nominees. To learn more about the upcoming 2014 HRIA Conference please click on the following link.



Truckers Union Gives Strike Notice at the Port Metro Vancouver

Thursday, 06 March 2014


     The union that represents an estimated 400 truckers at the Port Metro Vancouver gave a 72-hour notice on Monday March 3rd, 2014 which threatens to increase the ongoing dispute in Canada’s busiest port. Many of the truckers have been working without a contract with various trucking companies at the port since June of 2012.

     There was a vote held on Saturday by the Unifor-Vancouver Container Trucker’s Association (VCTA) which resulted in 100% of the members agreeing to permit the union a mandate to strike. With this vote passed, the union said the members are now getting ready to walk off the job as early as Thursday March 6th, 2014.

    In a letter addressed to the Minister Responsible of Labour and to the Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure, Ruth Snowden the Executive Director for the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) stated how potentially catastrophic this potential strike could be in impacting Canada’s international trade, the Canadian economy and our reputation as an international leader in imports and exports. The trucker work stoppage in Vancouver not only affects local Vancouver businesses but spreads to other regions such as the ones that Starline Overseas Moving services.

    Currently the union is requesting a mediator to resolve these outstanding trucker issues with the Port Metro Vancouver and the truckers’ association. If the trucker members strike they will join an estimated 1,400 other independent truckers represented by the United Truckers Association. Many are urging the licensed truckers to have immediate and safe access to Canada’s most valuable international gateway.

To learn the most recent updates visit CIFFA’s site here.

Average Canadian Home Prices

Monday, 24 February 2014

Curious to know what the average Canadian home price is? Well depending on which province you are looking into moving to the prices will range across the board. The team at Zoocasa has compiled a unqiue list of average home prices. As of January 2014, the national home price in Canada was $394 K which is up from $345 K the same time last year. The top three provinces for highest average home prices are British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta while the provinces of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have the lowest average home prices.

To learn more about the average Canadian home prices from Zoocasa before your upcoming move click on the following link.


How to Hit the Ground Running After a Move

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Let’s be real: moving can make you feel like you are going to go crazy, specially if it is an overseas move to a new country. Boxes, schedules, lists, stuff, calls, coordinating, plans, purchases, sales, more stuff – it’s enough to sometimes make you want to curl up in bed instead of facing it all.

Despite the expected insanity, though, and the reality that perhaps after everything is over you might just want to sit down with a cold beverage and chill out for a few weeks, I still get questions like, “how do you hit the ground running when you move?”

The truth of the matter is that it can take time to adjust. It is not uncommon to be in a period of emotional transition for up to 12 months, if not longer after the relocation is complete. Friendships, routines, favorite spots — they all take time to evolve and develop, grow and strengthen.

So practice patience, both with yourself, the people around you, and with the new town you’re living in.

Sometimes it helps to simply have awareness around all of the things that are going to change. Before you move, take stock of the parts of your life that are most important to you, especially things that you might not be aware of.  Are there routines that are particularly grounding in your life that you’ll want to try and reestablish once you’re moved? What roles do you fill in the community that you’d like to work on rebuilding in your new town? How can you get those very personal moments back into a groove post-move?

Prepare mentally for shifts in your social life as well as any cultural differences you might come up against, not to mention any professional or personal changes that might be coming up. Research your new space and look for opportunities to engage before you’ve even arrived, particularly through online communities or forums.

Most important is to not lose touch with your personal interests and self-care strategies. The only thing you have complete control over are your own thoughts and actions, so stay focused on strengthening your self, engaging in your interests and hobbies, and staying connected to the activities which ground you and stay a part of your life no matter where you’re moving to.

The following guest blog post was contributed by Allegra Stein, The Relocation Coach, helps takes relocations from regrettable to revelatory, teaching you how to use geographic change as a way of learning more about who you are, how you think, and what you want out of life. You can find her at allegrastein.com and on twitter @allegrastein


Speaking “Canadian”

Friday, 03 January 2014

Did you know 96% of Canadians use the term pencil crayon yet Americans typically call them coloured pencils? And better yet, Brits utilize the term colouring pencils instead. In all three countries it is the same item being termed yet each country utilizes a range of similar words to name the item.

This week the Edmonton Journal published a great article about how there are everyday words only Canadians understand and are deemed confusing to other English speakers. For example, the term parkade is used by 71% of Canadians while in the United States, multi-storey concrete parking structures are typically known as either “parking decks” or “parking garages”.

Moving to Canada soon and want to ensure you are familiar with terms deemed as being “Canadian”? Then check out the full article written by Tristin Hopper in the Edmonton Journal by clicking on the following link Say It in Canadian. And if you have any overseas relocation questions either about moving to Canada or moving from Canada give us a call. Starline Overseas Moving would be happy to assist in answering all your international moving questions.


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