Protecting Your Goods

Starline will take the utmost care to protect your goods against loss or damage during the course of the shipment. However, there are many inherent risks in moving and accidents can happen. Moving companies also have limited liability per pound, per article, per shipment. A carrier’s maximum liability for shipments travelling released is $0.10 per pound per article. When moving with Starline we want to make sure you are fully protected during your move so we strongly recommend you purchase moving insurance for your goods for their full replacement cost against damage or accidental loss.

The best way of being sure that you have sufficient coverage is by completing a valued inventory. On the valued inventory it is important that you list the costs that would allow you to replace the items at destination. If you are unsure of the replacement cost of your goods at destination, experience has shown that a shipment valued between $8.00 – $12.00 per pound is usually adequate replacement value. For more information on how to complete a valued inventory and a sample form visit:

If you have booked your move with Starline please feel free to complete your valued inventory through our on line forms.

Once you have completed your valued inventory and calculated how much your household goods are worth you can decide what coverage suits you best. You have several options ranging in cost from 1.5% to 3.0% of the total value of your goods depending on the deductible you choose.

Regardless of which option is selected, you must acknowledge your intent to file a claim within 45 days of the date of delivery. The claim, along with any supporting documentation, needs to be filed in writing within 90 days of this initial notification.

Click here for a copy of our Claim Form.

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The following items cannot be covered:

  • You cannot insure any type of negotiable currency, cash, bank notes, stocks, bonds, other personal documents or data stored on tapes and discs.
  • Collections of any kind such as coin or stamp collections, along with jewelry and furs must be specifically declared and valued prior to shipment in order to be covered.
  • Damage to any articles that are not packed and unpacked by the carrier.
  • Loss or damage due to normal wear and tear, gradual deterioration, inherent vice, moths, vermin, insects, rodents, rust, normal wrinkling of clothing, humidity or changes in climatic conditions or extremes of temperatures.
  • Electrical and mechanical items are not covered for internal damages unless there is obvious exterior damage to the item.
  • Any items confiscated by customs or any other government agency are not covered.
  • Damage to the goods at place or places of pick-up at which the consignor or his agent is not in attendance.
  • Damage to the goods at place or places of delivery at which the consignee or his agent is not in attendance and cannot give receipt for goods delivered.
  • Coverage for pairs and sets, mechanical malfunction and mold/mildew may be added to your coverage.

Automobiles and Motorcycles: Your automobile or motorcycle needs to be insured for the actual cost value (blue book value) which accounts for the age and condition of your vehicle. It is imperative that a vehicle condition report be completed at both origin and destination with any damage sustained in transit well documented by the mover at destination. Only damage noted on the vehicle condition report will be accepted with your claim.

Transporting Vehicles

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