Also, you want to make sure if your appliances will work in that country.  Countries have different electrical circuitry, which affects whether or not any of your electrical equipment will work.  From your computer to television, it will affect its ability to run.  If your electrical items will not work, it is definitely worth selling or storing them before the move and getting new items when you get there.  There are some adapters you can purchase but be careful, you could end up breaking your item because it can’t take the electrical surge.

When I moved internationally, I went through our things and decided what I was going to take with us, what I was going to store in my home country and what I needed right away.  This exercise is well worth the effort.  You want to identify these things ahead of time so that the movers know how to best serve you.  Keep in mind, the amount you take with you will directly impact your moving costs. For those items I needed right away and could not take on the plane, I had air-shipped.  Remember, you should choose these items carefully because it will come at a premium.

Good luck! International assignments are full of adventure and well worth the effort to get there.  You have been given a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and experience a time of your life.  Enjoy!