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Friday, 30 July 2010

Last blog we gave you some great alternatives to throwing your unwanted goods in the trash. Once you’ve decided what will stay it’s time to pack. Below are some suggestions from Edmonton mover, Highland moving and Storage to keepcat-in-box in mind while packing your goods.  


If you are packing your own goods:

  • Avoid using styrofoam peanuts and bubblewrap. These packing materials are not only bad for the environment but they are also not the best method to use for padding your fragile goods.
  • The best option for packing and wrapping fragile goods is paper made from recycled products. Highland Moving uses only recycled paper as packing material.
  • Before you book your move ask your sales rep or coordinator if recycled materials are being used.
  • Use linens and towels as padding or to wrap your breakables. This is a great eco-friendly alternative.
  • Use recycled boxes – ask your Relo Coordinator to purchase recycled boxes for your upcoming move. Not only are you being environmentally consflowerscious but you’ll also save money.
  • Plastic bins and file boxes are great for transporting your goods. They stack wonderfully in the trucks and will protect your goods during transport.
  • Follow these simple steps to help make packing as eco-friendly as possible.

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    Edmonton Movers Makes Eco-friendly Moving a Breeze


    This Edmonton mover has some simple tips to help you prepare for your next move in an eco-friendly fashion. Whether Highland is moving you locally in Edmonton or Calgary or if you’re heading west to B.C. these tips will help you along the way.

    downsize-declutterDOWN SIZE & DECLUTTER 

    Moving forces you to come face to face with all your stuff. What better time to decide what goes and what stays. You may have the urge to throw everything out rather than taking the time to organize your goods and either donate, sell or recycle them.

    Below are a few great alternatives dumping your goods in a landfill site:

  • Sell your goods online. most people will come to your home and pick up your unwanted items right fromyard-sale your home. Both  Kijiji and Ebay are easy ways to sell used goods online.
  • Hold a yard sale. Take a weekend to sit back relax and get rid of all your stuff the good old fashion way.
  • Donate your good to a charitable organization. Go to Charity Villiage to find the charities in your town or city that will accept furniture or clothing donations. Also look for drop-off and pick-up information on this helpful site.
  • If dropping off unwanted goods ask your movers about scheduling an additional drop-off on the day of your move. This is a great alternative to making several trips with your vehicle. It will save you time, money and reduce your carbon footprint!

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