Testimonial 3

  To whom it may concern: Over the summer of 2013 my wife and I moved from Calgary, Canada to Brisbane, Australia using Starline Overseas Moving. The following was our experience: 1) Initial contact and discussion about the move plan. We initiated discussions with three movers found using internet searches. Our initial contact with Starline was materially different to our contact with their competitors. Grace Stypka was knowledgeable and helpful from the start, and went out of her way to provide exceptional responses to our questions. 2) Obtaining the quotation. We obtained three quotations. Once again, Starline was the “lowest friction”. The quotation was right the first time and Starline were able to match pricing with their competitors. 3) Signing the contract. We read the fine-print of several contracts and the Starline contract was the fairest. Competitors included clauses (for example) that gave them unilateral possession of our entire shipment in the event that we were late paying any additional charges. The Starline contract was more balanced. 4) Responses to questions during the lead-up to shipping. Starline were extremely prompt and very courteous in response to the multitude of questions we had about the move – the “flurry of dumb questions”. 5) Load day. The load crew were prompt, efficient and friendly. Everything...
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Testimonial 2

The team was fantastic from keeping in touch with when our shipment would arrive to the lovely crew who delivered our goods and unpacked them. -Joy Eleanor S...
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Testimonial 1

Received quick responses to inquiries,and any issues always resolved in a timely manner. Polite and professional staff, excellent customer service. -Bradlee L ...
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We service all of Alberta including Ft. McMurray, Red Deer and Lethbridge!

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